Therapy services are available for individuals who wish to be seen one-on-one to work on any challenges they are facing in their lives. Individuals attending therapy can experience change and results from therapy just as quickly as couples or families.  Individual Therapy is often useful for managing: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, addictions, grief, job loss, stress reduction, financial struggles, anger management, and trauma.  The following are questions to consider if you are a candidate for Dr. DeVincentis’ services: 

    • Do you suffer from depression?  

    • Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety?

    • Did you have a recent loss or trauma?

    • Are you unable to cope with life stressors?

    • Are you having difficulty parenting your strong willed child?

    • Are you seeking to make a change or experienced a recent life transition?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions; Dr. DeVincentis can facilitate a conversation with you in order to create a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere to process workable solutions to combat individual problems or issues.  

"I counsel on issues related to anger, anxiety, depression, autism, behavioral challenges in children and adolescents, communication, grief, trauma, trust, and couples / relationship problems."

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