Dr. DeVincentis has conducted trainings on a wide variety of topics for individuals, families and educators.   The following is a list of past seminars conducted; however she is able to customize to meet individual needs:

    • How to effectively manage stress and increase coping skills.

    • What is depression and how do I manage it?

    • Are you an anxious person?  

    • Managing high-magnitude behaviors, from crisis to intervention.

    • Sleeping and eating issues from a behavioral and mental health perspective.

    • Early signs of autism.

    • Toilet training the child with autism.

    • Behavior management strategies and techniques.

    • Inclusion strategies.

    • Visually engineering the home and school settings to promote independence and communication.

    • The behavior-communication link.

    • Promoting generalization through a home and school connection.

    • Sibling issues.

    • The impact of autism on the family system.

    • Social emotional issues and the child with autism.

    • Community resources.

    • Promoting joint attention in your child with autism.

    • Training school personnel to be sensitive to family centered issues.

    • Programming and educational goal competency.

    • Peer sensitivity training for inclusion settings.

    • Educating grandparents and other family members.

    • Sibshops – Trained and Certified by Don Meyer.

"I counsel on issues related to anger, anxiety, depression, autism, behavioral challenges in children and adolescents, communication, grief, trauma, trust, and couples / relationship problems."

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